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Travel Manager


Phone: 0437 151 374


Hi, I'm Tina - your Personal Travel Manager!



My Industry Experience


My career in the travel industry started when I left school and became a receptionist at Debrett’s Corporate Travel Agency in the high flying 80’s.  I was studying Travel and Tourism at that time and was lucky to be given an opportunity to work in such an efficient and exciting office .  I laugh when I say receptionist because we had to hand type all our itineraries in those days and hand write air tickets. Computers were just making their mark on society but we could not print out any information from them for our clients. I worked my way up  to Domestic Consultant then Retail Consultant during a  time when the corporate world was very demanding.  I worked with many Personal Assistants in organising their  Corporate Leaders travels. It was a crazy time when  flying first class meant you had made it and if anything went wrong you were in trouble. I learnt very quickly to be super efficient and leave no stone unturned .

Five years later I decided to move on to the retail world and  went to work with Cathay International Travel. I learnt to listen to my clients needs and budgets with their travel requirements as the agency dealt with a wide range of people dynamics.

In 2012 I made a change into the wholesale world of travel at Asia Escape Holidays . Here I actually put together travel packages and co-ordinated school music groups/yoga groups/educational groups. We had product updates weekly with hotel representatives from around the world and learnt a  lot about the extra services we can offer agents. However I missed the direct relationship with my clients and moved back into retail industry.

In this hectic world I find most of my clients are more relaxed and like to chat after hours with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  I joined Travel Execs  as they give me the flexibility I need to work from home and be mobile for this reason.

Over the years  I  travelled extensively with my children and family to many  countries and understand  the pressures that come from taking infants and children on board aircrafts to finally arriving at their destination and making a family holiday - fun !

I would call myself a destination traveller and love to engulf myself in that countries traditions and culture when I embark on new holidays.   

Let me help you find your passion to travel in this wide world of ours and make special moments of your own .


My Travel Experience

I have been lucky enough to travel to over 50 countries and 300 cities... if I haven't been there, one of my colleagues will have! So ask away - we have the world covered! 


All the photos above are ones that I have personally taken while travelling :-)

Europe: England,  France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece including the mainland and sailing around the Islands,

Americas: USA, Canada, Bahamas, Chile.

Africa: Mauritius

Middle East: Dubai, Doha.

Asia: Maldives , Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Borneo, Cambodia.

Oceania: Australia & New Zealand. 

Cruising: Sailing Greek Islands, Royal Caribbean, Superstar Virgo.


My Contact Details


Phone: 0437 151 374


Location: Perth, WA

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