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Travel Manager


Phone: 0418 902 103

Hi, I'm Phyl - your Personal Travel Manager!



My Industry Experience


Somewhere between a fundamental need to see more than my hometown and the humble thrill I get when planning once-in-a-lifetime experiences, my travel career was sparked. I first learnt the ins-and-outs of travel planning in Kalgoorlie, and after moving to Perth and starting a family I worked in a suburban agency where I built relationships with my clients that have gone on to become lifetime friendships. As many of my clients reside near to my home and are busy with families, work or business commitments I soon realised that working from home and being flexible with consulting hours was a win-win for myself and my clients.

Over the years I have travelled extensively through Asia, Europe and the US. Travelling with my children in the early days, I understand the budget constraints of travelling with a family whilst trying to get the most out of a holiday (looking at you ‘not-so-mediocre-baguette-under-the-eiffel-tower’).

This is how great memories are made!

In our current world with fewer borders (pardon Brexit) and more far away and adventurous breaks to discover, momentum amongst travellers is leaning towards fresh, unique and diverse experiences. Gone are the days of pics supporting the Pisa tower and singing Gondaliers. My clients are looking for out of the box travel instead of ticking boxes on a checklist. I’m more than happy to help them achieve this, even if I suffer from severe jealousy.

I am increasingly enjoying the ever growing cruising market, and choosing the right cruise experience for my clients. Cruises are cruisey, right? No train delays leading to missed flights, no catching buses the wrong direction, and no Taxi Driver’s refusing to understand the word ‘Meter’. Still, it’s not just about booking the cheapest cabin on the largest ship. From the wonderful Royal Caribbean lines to the romantic all inclusive Europe river cruise, I can guide you on everything, from the best times of year for any cruise or cruise liner to which destinations can group nicely, and which hat will suit Spain.

With many varied travel experiences and feedback from my clients over the many years, I am confident I can guide and advise clients to enable them to have the best travel experience possible.


My Travel Experience

From Australian bucket list destinations, through to many Asian countries, the Pacific and it’s islands,Hawaii and mainland USA.

Europe especially the Med and including Greece and the Greek Islands, Italy, Croatia and Spain, and the UK extensively.

More recently extending my travel to South And Central America including a very special experience in Peru.

However my specialty is cruising. What a way to travel – unpacking once and waking up in a new destination every day.

My cruise experience includes family cruising, small luxury cruise ship, European river cruising, and Greek Island sailing.

All the photos above are ones that I have personally taken while travelling :-)

My Contact Details


Phone: 0418 902 103

Location: Perth, WA

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